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First Impressions I Miss Windows Live Writer.

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
I am an unhappy camper. I have switched to the Mac and it appears that there are no programs for it that even come close to what the free Windows Live Writer can do. I thought Marsedit might be the answer, but unfortunately it can't compare with Microsoft's free program. I post to three blogs, wordpress, live journal, and new blogger. While I am happy to see that wordpress and new blogger were a snap to set up, I had to search all over to find how to set up livejournal. I can post now, but there is no title input. I hear it's coming, but why even start supporting it if you don't fully? I love that I can can associate an ftp server in Windows Live Writer to a each blog. It is wonderful to set up a central place to host your photos. Sadly, this is missing in Marsedit. My biggest problem is that Marsedit is not WISIWIG. C'mon! We are writers not web designers. All of the blog hosts have it. Why would I pay for something that has a harder to use interface than what I am sending to. Makes no sense to me. Perhaps I will check back in a couple of years. For now I guess it is Parallels and Windows Live Writer.


  • Hi Disneybear - thanks for your feedback. I can certainly see how some of your expectations were not fulfilled by MarsEdit. Although I think it's a pretty amazing program as-is, I'm working hard to improve it, so I hope you will check back in a while to see how things have evolved.

    Thanks for stopping by,
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