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1.1.8 update kills publishing

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
Just got the auto update to 1.1.8, and now I can't publish. When I click on the publish button for a post I get the spinning beach ball.

On the plus side, I am thoroughly impressed that after relaunching MarsEdit, the post I was composing during the freeze is right there with a message that it was recovered. Nice!


  • Uh oh - not good news :( Can you give me some more info, such as what blogging system you're using? Did you try publishing again and it hung again?

    If it's reproduceable, can you grab a sample while it's hung:

    1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity
    2. Find MarsEdit and double-click it to open the info window.
    3. Click the "Sample" button in the lower-left corner of the window.

  • After the last ME freeze, my entire MBP froze up w/ the beach ball so I had to do a hard restart. After the restart, ME seems to be able to publish now. I think the Apple Security Update that was applied about an hour before might have been the culprit.

    Sorry to raise the red flag unnecessarily.
  • Well - phew! I'm sorry to hear that your whole system was sort of biting the dust, but I'm really glad to learn that it wasn't directly related to the update of MarsEdit.

    Thanks for updating the thread :)

    I see that on the red-sweater server you can down load previous versions of MarsEdit as in above.

    btw, it seems like the lastest version is glitchy for me, maybe I need a re-start

    intel osx 10.4.9
  • Can you describe some of the glitchiness? And did you happen to just install the Security Update, too?
  • FWIW - When I was having the wonkiness with ME 1.1.8 and the Security Update, a few other apps that accessed the Internet went a little wonky too. Once I restarted, everything was fine. Not sure why, because the Security Update required a restart after being applied.
  • The security thing happens kind of automatically right? (perhaps I should restart)

    a) couldn't up load a picture with 1.1.8, but back to 1.1.7 no problem

    2) it is hard to explain --- it just wasn't as crisp in opening and performance.
  • The security update happens probably fairly automatically, but only after asking you. It should require a restart.

    If you have trouble uploading in 1.1.8 please let me know some more details about the failure, such as whether there is any logging to the system Console:


    There hasn't been too much in the way of bug reports for this release, but the few that have come in seem to center around networking issues, and often seem to correlate with the security update.
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