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Media Manager: default image size, behavior when folder is expanded

edited February 2012 in MarsEdit
First, I save images in the size I want, width being the dimension that determines the rest. The Media Manager often changes that width, forcing me to reenter it manually.

Second, when I click an expansion triangle to open a folder, I want the cursor to remain on the triangle or on the folder name. Instead it jumps a long way off.

One would expect such behaviors to be options of choice — in the program, the finder, or the system preferences. Anyone know how to exercise that choice and change the defaults?

(Apologies if my questions have already been answered elsewhere. I did search, really, but failed to find anything.)


  • Hi Scarabus. I'm happy to answer your questions as best I can:

    1. MarsEdit has a setting for constraining image size, which you can change in the per-blog settings. Click the blog in MarsEdit's main window, then select Blog -> Edit Settings from the menu bar. Under "Editing" you'll find a media defaults section where you can change it to "Defaults to Full Size" which sounds like what you want.

    2. Do you mean the disclosure triangles in the Media Manager? I just played around with this and it seems like the cursor stays in one place, but the list below it jumps a little erratically when expanding. Is this what you're alluding to?

  • Sorry for the delay in thanking you. That does indeed answer my question.
  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks for letting me know!
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