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Debugging Best-Practices

edited February 2012 in FastScripts
Often I have a script that works great on the command line, but fails when run from FastScripts. Its usually related to differences in the environment or forgetting to add the executable bit to a script file.

What's the best way to debug things like this? In Ruby scripts, I was using rb-appscript with the Standard Scripting Addition to display dialogs to sprinkle in logging, but it's a painful experience. It'd be really great to get the error output directly.


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    Hi there - I'm afraid I don't have any great tips for this. FastScripts is not a great environment for debugging issues with the scripts.

    It's been pointed out before that when it comes to shell scripts it would be handy if FastScripts could simulate the environment of a typical terminal session. In a future update to FastScripts I hope to offer the ability to implicitly "source" e.g. a specified .cshrc file before running a shell script, or else perhaps allow you to specifically configure ENV variables that are set in the FastScripts environment before running.
  • Late answer here, but check out the terminal command "logger". Use that with to keep track of what your script is doing.
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    @Daniel Jalkut - those would both be very cool features!
    @nik - thanks for the followup :) Duh!!! Of course I should check the console, but I was so frustrated I didn't think of it. I'll def do that next time.
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