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upgraded to Lion and now missing a Finder script

edited March 2012 in FastScripts
After upgrading to Lion, I can no longer find the Finder script for adding text to a file. Any suggestions?


  • This was a standard script from Apple, I take it? I recommend going back to your Snow Leopard 10.6 machine, or find a machine with 10.6 running on it, and copy the script from that machine to your Lion machine.

    I don't know why Apple would have removed the script.

  • Hi Daniel. I feel kind of ignorant but once I locate the script on the other machine, where exactly, do i "install" it on the mac running lion?
  • Hi - a key thing to understand about FastScripts is it just looks in the standard Scripts folders on your Mac:

    [Computer]/Library/Scripts - for system scripts from Apple

    [Home]/Library/Scripts - for custom scripts you add to your computer

    You can put the script in either location though you would have to authenticate to put it in the computer-wide section.

    The easiest thing to do is to select the FastScripts menu, then go into the "FastScripts" submenu, and select "Open Scripts Folder."

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