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Tumblr Drafts and Queue? (and maybe video?)

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
Is it possible to send posts to Tumblr as a draft or add it to your queue?

And if not, will you be adding that feature?


  • Hi JustinLuey - it's currently not possible to post as a draft or queue item to Tumblr from MarsEdit. This is something I've actually been looking into recently. It looks like I'll be able to accommodate at least the drafts relatively soon. For the queue items, it seems that the functionality is not all there on Tumblr's end for the API that MarsEdit uses to talk to Tumblr.

    I can't promise anything, but I'm somewhat optimistic that I'll be able to get the draft support done in an update soon.
  • Great news. Drafts is the more important feature.

    The Tumblr API has always been very limited, but they have been slowly improving it.

    A few iOS apps recently added the ability to "Save as Draft" and toggle Twitter sharing on and off.

  • For what it's worth, I have at least one iPhone app which is able to add to my queue. 100% of my Tumblr posts go into the queue so that I can compose in bursts but release at a consistent pace.

    I just bought MarsEdit on the app store and was delighted that the polish and simplicity of earlier versions has remained. However I was disappointed that Tumblr support did not include support for the queue. Please add my vote to those requesting the feature.
  • Thanks mkb - I wonder if you could tell me which app you use that supports the queue well? It might be possible for me to analyze this app and see how it's achieving it, when it seems impossible so far for me to do it.

  • edited June 2012
    Tumblita for iOS supports sending to the queue.
  • Tumblita is also the first app I've seen that allows you to compose a video post by simply adding the YouTube or Vimeo URL.

    I'd love to see this added to MarsEdit. I currently embed videos into regular posts, which works perfectly for people viewing your blog directly, but doesn't work well for people viewing your post in the Tumblr Dashboard.
  • Hi Justin - thanks for the feedback. The problem I ran into when I looked into queue support was I couldn't get a reliable list of items already in the queue. So it was a "one way" thing. Does Tumblita support editing existing items in the queue?
  • I just checked, and yes it does.

    And even if it was a "one way" thing only, I don't think that would be a problem. You really only send to queue when a post is ready to be posted.
  • Thanks, I'll have to look into that.

    I can see why "one way" might be OK for lots of folks, but it's a bit antithetical to the promise of MarsEdit, that you can open and edit posts even after sending them.
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