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How We use FLEXTIME! Let them know how you use the software

edited March 2012 in FlexTime
Homework log and timer! - I am studying Russian. Each time the professor gives me homework(usually about 3-4 exercises per day) , I make an entry in my flextime and estimate the time to complete! It helps me show the professor how much homework she is giving and keeps me on track when I do the homework at home! WHAT WOULD HELP: An additional notes field for entries so I can add additional instructions to my homework assignments. That way it would a complete log for assignments as well as a timer :)


  • Thank you for the feedback! It's always good to hear how people are using the app. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for the future.
  • You are very welcome. Also a total of the time would be nice! Great product.
  • I want to make sure I understand your request for a "total of the time." It's a little non-obvious, but you can currently configure a routine in FlexTime to show the total routine time either remaining or elapsed by clicking in the area of the routine window "Routine Time Hidden - Click to Show". How does this section of the window either meet or not meet your expectations?
  • I bought this program thinking it would help me divide up my time on the many projects I work on, to enhance productivity and to help combat distraction. But after reading the help, i'm just not getting it. Maybe it's not the right software for my needs? I'm also curious how other people use it.
  • Hi Beestly - it is definitely possible it's not suited to your needs, in which case I would encourage you to write me at to talk about a refund.

    The gist of the app is pretty basic: you set up timed periods and pick the cues you want to have happen to remind you to move along with your routine.

    For example when I use it to make sure I take breaks in the day, I set it up on a rotating basis to say "work" for 1 hour, then "take a break" for a few minutes, and then repeat the whole routine afterwards.

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