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Why are the Link Field and Keyword Field are dimmed?

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
I am unable to find how to get these menu fields to be active. I just purchased MarsEdit after the trial and thought it was a limitation. I have even went so far as to add a custom 'keyword' field which does not pull in the keywords. I used the info on post and verified there is a keyword being brought in from my blog. I'm using a self hosted Wordpress blog.


  • Accepted Answer
    I'm sorry there was confusion about the trial: the trial version has absolutely no limitations apart from the 30 day time limit of using the app.

    MarsEdit dims out the fields that are not appropriate or supported by a specific blog system being used. In the case of WordPress, the "Keywords" are redundant with "Tags" (WordPress uses the keywords field as Tags). So if you want to edit keywords you should use the Tags field on WordPress.

    Unfortunately WordPress doesn't support a "Link" concept. This was a feature in some earlier MetaWeblog based blogging system, but Movable Type dropped support for it in their update to the MetaWeblog API.


  • Thank you for clarifying that.

    Also, thank you for your email about using Yoast and the link:

    Now I can make use of keywords, description and title.

    Great support!
  • Glad to hear things are coming together!
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