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Unable to choose post category in MarEdit

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
When I wrote a post in MarsEdit and choose a category for the post, and then I send the post to my blog, MarsEdit has started to "forget" which category I chose and instead just posts it in the "default" category. I can change the category of the post through the WordPress dashboard, but even if I try updating the post in MarsEdit (by changing the category back to the correct one), MarsEdit still puts it in the default category.


  • Hi Curtis - it is unlikely that MarsEdit is putting it in the default category, even though it may appear that way. What is more likely happening is somehow after WordPress receives the post from MarsEdit, it's getting flipped over.

    Is it possible that this blog has changed considerably since it was first set up in MarsEdit, and that MarsEdit has not been "refreshed" since? I am wondering if MarsEdit has an outdated list of the blog's categories, and is setting a category ID on the post that the server no longer remembers.

    If that's not it, the main other thing I would be suspect of is if there is a WordPress plugin installed that is altering the behavior of publishing from the API that MarsEdit talks to. If possible, I would disable all plugins for a moment to test if the categories "stick" as expected after that.

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