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Is there an easy way to move posts between blogs?

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi there. I have been using MarsEdit for several years, and love it. I recently grew less-enamored with my current CMS (Joomla) and am moving my blog posts over to Tumblr. I've created a Tumblr Blog in MarsEdit, and can post there successfully. Right now, it seems that the only way to move a post from one blog (Joomla) to another (Tumblr) is to select the blog post in the main window, open it, change the blog it's associated with from the former to the latter, and then save it. This successfully publishes a duplicate post from the old blog into the new one. I have to also manually select the blog post type from Private to Public, and re-set the date to the original post date (simply by opening the "post:Edit Date..." menu item and clicking OK)....

I'd LOVE to be able to simply click the post from the main post listings window for the old blog and drag it over the name of the new blog in the Blogs pane on the left. Or even be able to select several (or all) posts and do this.

Failing that, is there an easier way to move blog posts from one to another, or am i doing it as easily (!) as possible?




  • Hi Alan - unfortunately the way you've discovered is the easiest way possible in MarsEdit. Generally I encourage people to use another method for migration, e.g. using export/import facilities of the blogs in question. I'm not sure though if Joomla has any kind of export function that will produce a format that could be imported to Tumblr.
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