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MarsEdit Wishlist

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
I thought I'd start a thread on features I'd like in a future release of MarsEdit. I've used many writing and blogging tools and I'm missing some things that make my work easier, faster, more collaborative, more fun, and more effective.


  • *I want more toolbar*, like in wordprocessors or MCEdit. Lifting liberally from Windows Live Writer (wlw)...

    * Publish
    ** Publish final to blog
    ** Save draft to blog

    * Type/Font
    ** Pick generic type family (sans, mono, etc.) or a specific local font
    ** Apply a style from the site's stylesheet to the selected text or paragraph
    ** Bigger and Smaller (not just specifying a specific point size) selected text
    ** Clear formatting from selected text (soooo important after pasting!!)

    * Paragraph
    ** Alignment
    ** Bullets
    ** Numbers
    ** Apply one of the generic styles to the paragraph (h1-7, title, caption, etc.)
    ** Indent/Outdent
    ** Blockquote

    * Insert
    ** Insert link (if text is selected, prepopulate the body of the link.)(if the clipboard has a link, prepoluate the url attribute in the form and fetch the page title and populate the link's "title" attribute)
    ** Insert picture (open media dialogs)
  • Help me switch rapidly between Rich Text and HTML editing without losing anything. WLW does this very well.
  • I have a zillion categories; make it easier to navigate and select.

    For example, push selected ones to a list (like the tags box), let me jump to a category by typing name.
  • When the blog supports category hierarchy, like WordPress, reproduce the hierarchy in the listing. For example, I have a groups of categories for events, for locations, technologies, etc. Much easier to find Sweden among locations than buried between Skype and Taylorism.
  • I used ecto before MarsEdit. It appears to be abandoned. The #1 feature I miss is post templates. This saved me tons of time each week. I’d love to see this in MarsEdit.
  • Thanks guys, this is a good idea to put these enhancement requests all in one topic.
  • I'd like to be able to tweak image size when I import from flickr. One of my blog is 600px wide, not one of the options in the menu. This means resizing the image.

  • In addition to ftp'ing to my blog server, how about upload to flickr or picassa?
  • evanwolf: re: the Flickr resize thing. I am guessing you probably don't want to have to reupload the image directly to the blog just to get the resize. What I recommend doing in this situation is pick one of the standard Flickr sizes, but create a custom "Style" markup macro for this purpose, where the standard img tags e.g. from "Unaligned" are used, but you add in specific width="500" to the image tag. This would force the display to the size you want, while allowing you to continue using the Flickr image as-is without re-uploading.

    Currently MarsEdit doesn't even support FTP uploads. It only supports uploads to blog systems through the blog system APIs. I hope to support Flickr in the future. As it happens a Blogger blog configured in MarsEdit causes its images to upload to Picasa. So a workaround is to set up a Blogger blog in MarsEdit, call it "Picasa Trick" for example, and you could then select that as the upload destination for any image you want to upload to Picasa.

  • edited April 2012
    Evanwolf, I added this line of code in my functions.php file to restrict all image widths to 500px. You can change it to 600px and see if it works. One downside is that width is squeezed but height is not proportionately reduced.

    $GLOBALS['content_width'] = 500;
  • +1 on the template thing for WordPress. TextExpander can only do so much.
  • I would like a progress bar for image uploads rather than the spinning wheel.
  • Hi Andy - great idea. There are a number of problems with MarsEdit's handling of "longer than expected" networking operations. I'll keep this in mind for when I dig into correcting many of those issues (another big one is you can't cancel midway).
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