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Easiest Blog Api to implement

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
This is a backwards question. I am learning to program in my spare time and building a web app in python. I want to learn about REST and proper APIs. If I ever use my own blog for public writing, I would be a requirement that Marsedit be able to talk to it. I know Daniel has implemented several apis in Marsedit. So I thought I'd ask here. If you had to recommend a simple one to study and build into my blog, which would it be? (I was thinking of Tumblr, but what do I know.)



  • Accepted Answer
    The best one that is both REST and suitable for study is probably AtomPub. Because it was carefully designed, it is more useful for study than the other APIs that were mostly organically (read, chaotically) evolved over time.

    AtomPub has not had a whole lot of adoption among most blog systems, which use the variants of the MetaWeblog API. MetaWeblog is a good choice if you're looking for greater compatibility, but it's not REST based and is not a great educational model.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate how much you do outside of building a world-class product.
  • That's nice to hear, thanks Luke!
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