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Sub-Folders Under "BLOGS", Left Pane?

edited March 2012 in MarsEdit
is it possible to create sub-directories under the parent BLOGS directory and group blogs this way? i've got hundreds of blogs and would love to have some of them grouped based on relevance rather than having a single list of several hundred and having to hunt for each one of them, every time. TIA!


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi, unfortunately this is not possible now. It's something I would like to improve in the future.
  • darn, ok. i was really hoping i was just overlooking how to actually get that done - this would be extremely useful in organizing what will be a 500+ blog network i'm currently developing.

  • any idea if or when this may be implemented? i love marsedit but this would be insanely useful and helpful!
  • Sorry - I can't speculate about when this might get done. Probably best not to count on MarsEdit for this job if ability to manage a huge number of blogs is critical.
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