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Don't like the tooltips

edited April 2012 in Black Ink
I updated to 1.5 today and immediately disliked the little tooltips telling me what each square says when I can plainly see what each square says. They're probably useful for overloaded squares, but obnoxious for one- or two-letter squares.

Can you please add a preference to show these only for squares with more than n letters?


  • Thanks for the feedback. I didn't consider the possibility that these would show up on accident or without a concerted effort to make them appear.

    I'm adding it to my TODO list for 1.5.1 to only show tooltips if the square has long content in it, or is otherwise of interest. Sorry for the nuisance.

  • I'm glad to see the latest update cuts down on the tooltips. It has its own problems, though, as one version or the other crashed at the update relaunch and the Red Sweater Crash Reporter hangs.

    Apple's crash reporter and Red Sweater crash reporter contents are too long to paste in here. Let me know if you want them by email.
  • Ugh, sorry about that. Yes, I would love to see the crash contents if you don't mind email me at
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