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Line breaks removed in version 3.5.8?

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
After upgrading to 3.5, if I refresh the posts on my blog, I notice that the posts now have all the line breaks stripped from them. Some of the posts I'm editing have preformatted text and all the text now shows up as a single line instead of being nicely formatted and on multiple lines. When I examine the HTML, that too is all together in one big clump instead of being nicely formatted. Is this intentional or an unintentional result of code changes?

If the change was intentional, is there a way to turn off this behaviour so that those of us who work with the HTML view (and preformatted text blocks) can still have the text displayed in a nice, ordered fashion?


  • Hi - this was not an intentional change. Your HTML should still be showing up verbatim and unmodified as long as you are sticking to HTML Text mode.

    You might want to download and refresh in MarsEdit 3.4.4 just to confirm the behavior is a change in 3.5:

    I have just confirmed that at least for my blogs, refreshing in 3.5 does not strip any line breaks. The spacing between all my HTML paragraphs is left intact, so something peculiar must be going on in your setup, which I'd like to get to the bottom of.

  • Sorry Daniel, should have mentioned that I did download 3.4.4 again and overwrote my existing MarsEdit installation and while the entries did not immediately re-appear correctly (obviously since I assume the changed entries were saved in the DB locally), when I refreshed the blog, the entries now appeare correctly with the proper line breaks.

    So it does apepar to be an issue with 3.5 - do note that I tried refreshing the blog again while using 3.5 to see if it had been an initial hiccup of some sort but that didn’t work either.

    Additionally, I work only in HTML view - have the app set to use HTML view on start up. Perhaps this might give you a clue as to what is going on ...
  • This might be best moved to an email discussion, because I think the next step would be to capture some network logs and those are usually easier to pack up into emails. If you can capture the network log it might help me to pinpoint the problem.

    1. Open MarsEdit
    2. Select Window -> Network Log from the menu bar.
    3. Clear the log if it's not already empty.
    4. Try to refresh the blog again from MarsEdit.
    5. Copy the network log contents.

    This will show me exactly what MarsEdit is getting from the server, and will hopefully help me figure out why the line breaks are being stripped.

    If you can email it to me at I will follow up with this there…

  • Hi Daniel,

    Will do, thanks :) Might take me a day or so since I'm in the middle of an edit for somebody and switching back to 3.5 will mean that I lose the linebreaks in the current article ... But will definitely get you some info once I'm done with the current edit using 3.4.4.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Me again ... and I'm afraid this issue is back :( I checked to make sure that the blog settings has the "Preview Text Filter" set to "Convert Line Breaks" but the text displays in one big block and shows without any line breaks at all when I edit in HTML mode ...

    This is with both 3.5.5 and 3.5.6b3. Any help you can provide is much appreciated :)
  • Hi Fahim - can you verify for me that the issue returned as of a specific version? I.e. was it fixed in 3.5.4 but then broke in 3.5.5? I'd like to zero in on where to look for pertinent changes.
  • Hi Daniel,

    The issue went away on its own last time but it's back again with 3.5.8 :( I have the Preview Text Filter setting for the server set to "Convert Line Breaks" but I get all the text back from the server in one block with no line breaks and no pargraphs.

    I had not noticed the "Server Text Filter" setting before. Is it supposed to have "None" as the only option? That's all I see for this particular server ...

    I can't exactly remember what the last version I had was but since I always update as soon as a new version is available, I assume I had your last stable release before updating to 3.5.8.
  • Hi Fahim - might be time to move this over to email support for easier communication of e.g. log files and keeping me more accountable to finding a solution. Drop me a line
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