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Better Flickr Integration coming?

edited April 2012 in MarsEdit
Hello all,

Right now, when I try and use this type of macro to put in Flickr images:

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 500px;"><a title="#displayname#" href="#fileurl#"><img title="#displayname#" src="#fileurl#" width="500" /><p class="wp-caption-text">View #displayname# on</a></p></div>

The results are variable, sometimes some of the HTML is where it should be in the post, sometimes it's not, getting inserted into the next group of <p> tags, for example. It's very hard to predict what will result, and it usually requires editing - I think there is a problem with what #fileurl# pulls with flickr.

This is the specific question, the more general question is will Flickr importing be cleaned up/made more clear? Sometimes I'd like the flickr image to link to the image file, sometimes to the URL of the photo on Flickr (these are my own personal photos),

Any thoughts, ideas on this? Others noticing these issues? It's extra work to clean up what MarsEdit, a very fine blog editor, puts in any post. Thanks!


  • Hi - I don't know of any flakiness with Flickr photos and the #fileurl# placeholder. If this is something you can zero in on more carefully to try find a reproducable error (i.e. only with specific Flickr images?) that would be useful.

    One problem I anticipate with your markup above is that it may conflict with the mandatory (for now) Flickr-page linking that MarsEdit currently wraps around the markup macro. This is from a time when I felt there needed to be a strong stance for Flickr to comply with their terms of service, which requires linking back to the page.

    As for issues with the content not being inserted predictably, that is probably, again, an issue which will help if you can narrow it down to any specific situations where you notice it happening. MarsEdit typically inserts wherever the cursor is in the post. The flakiness you're describing I bet is happening in Rich Text mode and not in HTML Text mode, as the "current location" in Rich Text can be a little bit tougher to work out in the underlying HTML.

    As far as the desire to see high-level improvements to Flickr integration, yes, I do hope to improve it many ways, but as usual I can't really promise any timeline or specific enhancements that will be made. Feedback likes yours is very helpful in directing my efforts, though.

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