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Blockquote in 3.5

edited April 2012 in MarsEdit
Maybe it’s me: previously when using the blockquote macro I used to get < blockquote >< p >< /p >< /blockquote >

I thought that was the correct way to use the < blockquote > tag.

Now I get < blockquote >< /blockquote >

Maybe I lost a customized macro with the update? Or the update changed the default blockquote macro?

Thanks for enlightening,


P.S. I’m aware I can customize a new macro doing < blockquote >< p >< /p >< /blockquote > but I’m not sure it’s the right way to use the < blockquote > tag anymore...


  • Hi - thanks for writing. I've discovered via some email support that I have messed up the formatting macros for blockquote, and headings, at least.

    It seems like they work correctly if you type some text first and then select the text before applying the macro, but if you type macro first I think it just doesn't work.

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are seeing because in my tests it doesn't even give the "
    " wrapper anymore.

    Can you tell me exactly the steps you take from opening a new post to creating the block quote, so I can reproduce it here and be sure I'm seeing the same thing as you?

    Sorry about this hiccup,

  • Hi,

    No problem with the hiccup! I’m actually glad to contribute to a piece of software I use everyday. I really love it.

    1) I launch MarsEdit using LaunchBar.
    2) Then it’s cmd+N to open a new post
    3) Title, tab, tags, tab, etc. until I arrive to the body of the post.
    4) Some typing and then, when I want to introduce a quote, I hit my shortcut ctrl+Q. The cursor is placed in between the opening and closing tags... and that’s it. I don’t highlight text I want to put in blockquote because it asks for me to use the mouse. What’s great with MarsEdit is all the stuff I can do without even touching my mouse.

    Also, you must have noticed: tags aren’t displayed very well here. I thought maybe there’s something to add code (like backtick) but couldn’t find any.

    Tell me if I can do more.

  • Accepted Answer
    Thank you for clarifying, well I think I learned from your description that you are doing all of this in HTML Text mode, is that right? So you see all the tags as you are entering the shortcut for applying the blockquote command?

    I think based on your clarification, and discovery of some other issues I've heard about with this update, that you did customize the macro previously, and MarsEdit 3.5 inadvertently wiped out your customization.

    Starting in 3.5 you can't customize the "built-in" macros anymore, but you can create your own macro with the custom markup to replace it, and you can even "delete" the built-in macro so it doesn't clutter your macros list.
  • Yes! You’re right on everything. That’s what I first thought: maybe a customized macro disappeared. And yes, I’m working in HTML mode: I see all the tags. For some reasons, I came to a point where I didn’t trust WYSIWYG editors anymore (I remember the days I was writing stuff on MySpace: the WYSIWYG editor was doing crazy stuff).

    It’s really easy to set up a new customized macro. So this whole thing, barely a hiccup. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Thanks for the great attitude about this. I am unhappy about losing your custom macro but I'm glad it is trivial to reset in this case.
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