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Blogging basics for a newbie . . . after the jump break?

edited April 2012 in General Discussion
I am new to blogging and even newer to using a mac so after a month or so of Windows Live Writer this switch to MarsEdit has been a bit like landing on well . . . Mars . . . I don't speak the language. It took me two days to get a post up and I am not at all happy with the results of all that work. At the end I signed into Blogger and just made my changes there. My first question should be an easy one . . . how do I add an "after the jump break" to my post. With Live Writer I would open the post in HTML and add the code and it worked every time. When I tried it with MarsEdit nothing happened. I also tried to add a heading and the line spacing in the first paragraph was altered. I follow directions really well but a search of the HELP got me nothing. As I said I finally just accessed Blogger and finished there. I am still working on my 30 day free trial, I expected a learning curve but without some basic HELP instructions I am at a loss.


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    Hi Joanne - thanks for giving MarsEdit a try. The Rich Editor has some glitches that I am continuing to work on, but with that said, simple things like changing the heading shouldn't adjust the line setting. I made some tweaks for a forthcoming update, so you might want to try working with this pre-release version to see if it works any better for you:

    As for the "jump break" thing in Blogger, it's a little complicated by a bug in Blogger's behavior with these jump breaks. For a freshly posted entry, you can force a split by switching to HTML text mode in MarsEdit, and adding wherever you want the break. The problem is after sending this to Blogger, if you open up the post again in MarsEdit to edit, Blogger will have changed this into a "" which does NOT have the effect of splitting the post. So you have to keep manually fixing the split if you edit in MarsEdit. I am hoping to work around this Blogger bug in a future update.

    It's possible that MarsEdit in its current state will not be the right tool for you. There are some other options including "ecto", which is very good but which has been unfortunately neglected lately and lost some of its reliability:

  • No, if I am nothing I am stubborn, I am not giving up - just trying to understand how it all works. Thanks for the assistance - I am sure I will more questions as I move forward.
  • Please don't hesitate to ask as you run into any other issues.
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