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MarsEdit got me banned from my site LOL

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
My MarsEdit was set up for my old MT site and I had moved to Wordpress.

So I was editing the fields and mistyped a - for a _ and refreshing, trying to figure what is wrong, changing passwords etc.

Then the server stopped responding and I could not get in via SSH, etc.

So I contacted my ISP and they said the firewall there blocked my IP for DOS reasons. LOL



  • Oops! I had a similar experience with Pair, my provider. But it was much easier to trigger the ban - only a few accesses to the xmlrpc.php URL within a few minutes.

    They were able to remove the restriction from my account. If you're worried about triggering it again, maybe your ISP can do something similar for you.

  • I use Pair also lol.

    I'll talk to them, I think this happened once before.
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