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Synching with Word Press

edited April 2012 in MarsEdit

I'm using the latest version of Mars Edit on Lion. When i connect to our wordpress blog it only synchs a few months worth of blogs. Is there a way to force it to access all of them?




  • Hi Peter -

    Unfortunately MarsEdit is not really suitable as a "whole blog" archiver or downloader right now. This is mostly due to limitations in most of the blog systems "API" through which MarsEdit communicates.

    The problem stems from the fact that when you "refresh" in MarsEdit, most systems only let it as for the "last N posts" where N is usually best set to something like 30, for speed and efficiency of the refresh.

    You can experiment with setting the number of posts to much larger, but it may cause a very slow refresh as MarsEdit tries to download all the posts. For some blog systems a very larger number may actually cause the blog server to fail to refresh and MarsEdit will present an error.

    The number of posts to set is settable under the blog's settings in MarsEdit, under "General."

    In general I can't recommend using MarsEdit as an archival tool. I recommend getting in the habit of "exporting" from your blog of choice using whatever exporter or backup system they (hopefully!) provide. I'm considering archival-type functionality in the future, but some of this may depend on getting improvements made to the current "API" that the various systems offer.

  • Great response.

    Thanks very much.
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