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Problems using Marsedit to my new Wordpress blog

I'm new to Wordpress and hope you can help me.

Set up my blog at
Set up my blog hosting at

Used Simplescript and installed Wordpress.

BUT.... now find that I get an error message when trying to post using MarsEdit:
XML-RPC services are disabled.

I went into, found the 'writing' section in the dashboard but don't see any way to enable XML-RPC. Am I looking for this in the wrong area?

Thank you for your help.



  • Hi Bohdan, fortunately the fix for this is pretty simple, you just have to find the right spot in WordPress's settings. It's under Settings -> Writing -> Remote Publishing. You want to make sure the XML-RPC API support is enabled.
  • HI Daniel,
    I may have created this small problem.
    My wordpress blog is

    My site is

    I thought I had installed Wordpress at using Simplescript in the cpanel at blue host. Is it possible both the and the blogs have the same name (bohdanzachary) but aren't connected?

    I just went to both websites and see I have two different wordpress sites.
    I've uploaded screen grabs so you can see them:
  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Bohdan - yes, it's not only possible but guaranteed that if you installed WordPress manually on your Bluehost site, it's not the same as the "hosted" version.

    You will want to pick which one you want to use and stick with just the one blog. offers the ability to host the blog, but have the URL (e.g. map to them instead. In this case you wouldn't even need Bluehost. Otherwise you can forget about the account, and just focus on the Bluehost-installed version (which is from

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