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Superscripts and Subscripts with MarsEdit

edited May 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi Folks,
Is there an easy way to incorporate superscripts and subscripts from the rich text editing pages? I can swap over to html mode to add the and tags, but it's rather awkward when writing a detailed, technical blog post. Thanks in advance for your help and advice!


  • Hi - I was going to recommend the new rich-text-mode formatting macros for this, but I just tested them out and there are some gotchas that I need to address. It's possible to customize the formatting menu with "Customize…" at the bottom of the menu, but when I tried to make one to e.g. insert a <sup>#asktext#</sup> for arbitrary superscript, it didn't work exactly as I hoped, putting in a small-sized font but not elevating it as expected.

    Another issue I noticed with the new rich text formatting macros is it's too easy to get "stuck" in the new format, without an obvious way to get out. For instance, I was stuck in the new small font format and couldn't escape back to regular paragraph text.

    These are two issues I need to look into, so I can't really recommend a solution at the moment, but if you want to play around with the custom formatting macros you might find a workaround. Sorry this isn't more streamlined at the moment.
  • Thanks for the quick response -- I'm glad to hear it was more than just my lack of technical expertise. Looking forward to seeing what you get figured out!
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