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Upload images as links to higher-res versions (can MarsEdit resize)?

edited May 2012 in MarsEdit

I have a free, private blog I use to share baby pictures with relatives. The theme is Wu Wei, which has a column width of 460 px. I've been exporting and uploading images at that size. This is great for browsing a series of pictures, but I'd also like for family to be able to see these pictures at a larger size.

So, what I want to do is use MarsEdit to upload a full-size image so that the image is "clickable" and it links to a higher-res version. Is this possible?

I can successfully do part of this--when uploading a high-res image where I do not specify image dimensions, the blog resizes it properly to fit my theme's column width. But I can see the full-size only by right-clicking on it and fiddling with the URL.

I know how to do this through WP, which automatically generates the different sizes. I also know how to do this manually, where I upload the image at full size and create a link that uses the URL as both the source and destination:

a href="">image

I have a suspicion that an easier way to automate this lies in customizing a Style under MarsEdit's Upload Utility. I see a place to create new "Media Markup Templates" and in fact something like this works (omitted the angle brackets):

a href=#fileurl#> img src=#fileurl# width="460"/>

The downside is that a page of high-res images takes longer to load. It would be nice to find a way to have MarsEdit generate thumbnails, but I don't think that's possible just yet.


  • Accepted Answer
    I'm sorry to report that your suspicion is correct, that MarsEdit cannot currently produce two different sizes of an image to facilitate this kind of thumbnailing behavior. This is a long-standing feature request for MarsEdit that I do hope to implement at some point, but I can't make any estimates about when it might get done. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Hey Daniel,

    This is also a huge hole for me, and I hope you are able to get after it sooner than later.

  • Thanks, Michael. Yes, I recognize it's a very frustrating shortcoming for some workflows.
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