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Queued Posts for Tumblr?

edited May 2012 in MarsEdit
Pardon the creation of a dummy account, I just wanted to post to ask if MarsEdit already has the Queue function for Tumblr? I'm cant purchase it yet if said feature is not present. I have read that the reason queue is not allowed is because of tumblr api but i checked it and it seems to have one arleady look under Request Parameters under /post.

Please advise.


  • Oops - thought I had answered this already but must not have.

    Unfortunately MarsEdit doesn't support queued posts for Tumblr yet. The problems so far have been in the Tumblr APIs poor handling of reading existing queued posts. So far in my tests I am able to write a new post and submit it to the queue, but I can't reliably read back the list of queued posts. In my mind this is a flakey behavior that I don't want to support half-heartedly, so I'm waiting to see if the API behaves better before implementing full support in MarsEdit.

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