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Script Folder & Network Aliases

edited April 2007 in FastScripts
I'm trying to get fastscripts to use one common script repository on my server. I've setup an alias to the server but Fastscript doesn't seem to recognize it. Creating a unix symbolic link didn't work either. Is there some other way to acheive this?


  • Hi Twitch - this is a weak spot right now for FastScripts. It doesn't follow links or aliases to folders because it throws off some of the other asusmptions it makes about the scripts folder(s). I'm fixing this for a future release but I still have some rough edges to work out.

    In the mean time you can supply FastScripts with an alternate (or additional) "script folder" by modifying a defaults preference key from the Terminal. See the instructions at the very end here:

    The "ScriptTreePathsKey" identifies all the top-level script folders FastScripts should include (generally just /Library/Scripts and ~/Library/Scripts). The format for the string is basically comma-separated paths in quotes, inside the parens.

    Or you can edit the FastScripts preference file with a PList Editor.

    I know this is a geeky workaround, but hopefully it will help you out until I get proper support for aliases working.

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