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Help! My signature isn't posting to my blog.

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
I have the preview of my posts set with a template with a signature image at the bottom of every post. But when I post to my account, it doesn't show up. Here's what my template looks like:

(edited: okay so i can't post that, it just shows up correctly...)

Anyone know what's wrong?


  • I'm not sure what you're doing with your template, but it's worth noting that if you're changing the "preview template" in MarsEdit to include your signature image, then that won't make it show up on your blog. The contents of a post that MarsEdit sends to your blog is entirely based on the content of the post editor document that you write the post in. The preview template is there to show you what your blog post MIGHT look like, based on how you have configured the preview template.

    Does this help frame the question any better? The preview template is independent of how your posts will look at your blog, unless you've set up the template in MarsEdit to completely mimic how your blog will treat the content that MarsEdit sends it.

  • Yes, that does help. So does that mean there is no way to actually make a template for each post?
  • There isn't a great way to make a template for each post. One somewhat clunky workaround would be to save a local draft in MarsEdit and, whenever you want to make a new post, open the local draft to copy/paste to a new post. I realize that's not nearly what you would hope for. Something akin to a template option is on my radar as a possible future enhancement.

  • Accepted Answer
    By the way, I would urge you to look into baking this kind of stuff, like a signature for instance, into the theme of your blog, instead of replicating it in every post. This gives you more flexibility to change things stylistically in the future and have it apply universally to all your posts.
  • Believe me, if I could, I totally would. I'm not self-hosted with WP, though. That leaves me with no ability to bake anything into the theme. :( In a few months, maybe.

    Thanks for answering, I appreciate it.
  • Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying.
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