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Posting to roller with markdown

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit

I like text based systems like setext and markdown, so today I posted a markdown formatted entry to Roller that looked great in the preview window but is raw markdown in the browser.

Is there a way to have marsedit post the converted html to my blog?


  • Hi there - at the moment MarsEdit deals purely in text as you see it. So it doesn't support any pre-posting conversions. I'm going to be looking at features like this in the future.

    For the time being I'd suggest manually converting it to MarkDown before you publish it. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful,

  • So, what is markdown support for, then?
  • Many blog systems (TypePad, MovableType, WordPress, etc) support Markdown either natively in the system, or by way of an optional plugin. Typically users who blog on systems like this appreciate the Markdown support in MarsEdit because it shows them how their Markdown will look once it's published.

    In this type of set up, the post content stays in Markdown so it's always editable. In general this seems preferrable to converting once to HTML before posting.

    I'm not too familiar with Roller but perhaps there is an existing Markdown plugin you could install for it?

  • Ah. Got it! Thanks for the information.
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