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Can I send a draft AS a draft to wordpress or does M.E. always publish when I send it to my blog?

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
The reason I'm asking is, I don't see a way to enter metadata or SEO stuff (like All-In-One-SEO) prior to publishing. Same with custom fields like thumbnails, featured images, and interest data.

Is there a way to stop Mars from auto publishing when I send the draft to my blog?


  • Hi Brad - I saw and responded to your email before I noticed this post. I'll reproduce the pertinent answer from my email for the benefit of others who run across this:

    When you are editing a post in MarsEdit, take a look at the "Options" side panel. You'll find a "Post Status" popup from which you can change the status from Published to Draft.

    If you want your posts to default to Draft you can change the setting in the blog settings in MarsEdit, under the "Editing" section.

  • I think that'll do it. Thanks Daniel, I'll give that a try.
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