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How can I make MarsEdit use WYSIWYG instead of HTML, Markdown or Textile on my Squarespace blog?

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
I use MarsEdit to post to my Squarespace blog, and it works great. However, there are only three options in MarsEdit for setting the Server Text Filter: HTML, Markdown and Textile. If I choose one of these, then when I edit the post via the Squarespace editor on the web, my post is set to HTML, Markdown or Textile and I have to manually change it to WYSIWYG (boring!). Is there any way that I can make MarsEdit post so that it appears as WYSIWYG in the Squarespace web editor?

Many thanks!


  • Hmm, interesting point. I hadn't considered that the WYSIWYG choice might be important to MarsEdit users, because MarsEdit handles the switching of WYSIWYG/HTML manually. But what you say makes sense, that it needs to be set so it shows up in the correct mode later when you edit it. I'm writing myself a bug to look into this. In the mean time I am afraid I don't have a great workaround to offer.
  • Thanks Daniel!
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