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New v. 3.5.4 won't post to WP

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
Just installed the newest version, 3.5.4. Now my posts will not upload to WP. Error msg.:

"Can’t post for NTResources because the server reported an error: empty response."

Log (this doesn't seem to display right/completely; I'll email it to you Dan):

Network message sent: 2012-06-23 11:34:09 +0000
Method name: metaWeblog.newPost
Network reply received: 2012-06-23 11:34:09 +0000
Method name: metaWeblog.newPost
Status code: 200
Succeeded: NO
--Download Error--
--No Data Error--

[post edited to remove irrelevant log info--this was NOT a Mars Edit v 3.5.4 problem; my server was down. :( ]


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Rod - it seems unlikely that the 3.5.4 update would cause a change in behavior like this. Can you tell me which version you were using before? I can provide a direct download link to check if the older version indeed works while the newer one fails.

    It seems more likely to me that something changed on the server or that something specific about the content of this post is throwing off your blog server to make it fail while trying to publish the post. If you try to post a new, trivial post with e.g. just content "Testing", then does the new post publishing work?

  • Let me do some more checking; there may be a server problem that I just noticed after putting this post up.
  • It's OK now. It looks like the server where my site and blog reside must have gone down just before I tried to post. Things appear to be normal again now and ME posts OK. It's just disconcerting when I do an update and all of a sudden something doesn't work! One assumes that the change one just made is the cause, but in this case it was apparently coincidental and unrelated.
  • Thanks for letting us know, Rod. Glad to hear things are back to normal!
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