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edit specific post ID?

edited June 2012 in MarsEdit
Is it possible to get a specific post ID within wordpress without loading the entire body of posts leading up to the old post with refresh? For instance I've > 50k posts and I wanted to edit postid 4777 - it's a bit impractical to set the wayback machine to grab the last 46000 posts, but it'd be simple to type in the postid (or have a search function that you could type in a title and it'd just keep searching until it exhausted all possibilities or found the match you're looking for, something like apple's spotlight/find feature.)

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • Hi zenfish - unfortunately this is not possible and I can't even think of a workaround. MarsEdit is currently very oriented around editing "recent" posts for whatever the number you set is.

    I face this same problem myself when I want to edit an older post, and it frustrates me. I just mention that to let you know that I have personal reasons for wanting to address this someday.
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