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How can I have my images always "upload with post"

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit
Every time I add an image to a post, I get the exact same dialog box. And every time I see that dialog box, I make the same exact selection.

Is there any way to make that selection my default?

I just want my images to always upload with my blog post so I can avoid being interrupted by the dialog box.


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Andrew … there isn't a way to automate this, unfortunately. I will consider enhancements along those lines for a future update.

    In the meantime you might find it at least a bit more streamlined to use the Media Manager to locate and select your images for insertion. It includes the same kind of configuration stuff as in the Upload Utility, but if you just select and double click an image in there, it will be attached to the post automatically as you describe.

    Note that you can add custom folders to the Media Manager sources list so if the images you are uploading are usually from a specific spot this might be a good solution.

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