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How do I get a new puzzle?

edited July 2012 in Black Ink
I have tried File>open web page puzzle IAW the instructions The same old puzzles stored on my HD show up. For example, the NY Times puzzle dtd 7-9-12 comes up every time I do this. I thought maybe it was because I had not solved the 7-9-12 puzzle 100%. So I solved it 100% by having it filled in. Still no-go, after redo of file> open web page puzzle several times.

HELP. I am trying to get a fresh, new unsolved puzzle. Have not been able to do this since 9 July.


  • Add'l information: I am using a MAC OSX Lion 10.7.4 software; if that makes a difference.
  • Hi there - sorry Black Ink is a bit confusing on this front. The shortcoming here is Black Ink is only able to download the "current" puzzles for the various web puzzles it supports. It doesn't have the ability to go back into the archives for the various web puzzles.

    Each of the puzzle sources that is pre-configured in Black Ink is set up to download whatever that source's latest puzzle is. If the source hasn't published a new puzzle since you last solved it, then it will just re-open the latest version from your Mac.

    Some of the puzzle sources are Daily and some are Weekly. You can get a sense for when to expect new puzzles for the various sources by looking in Preferences -> WebPuzzles, and then clicking the Edit button for a puzzle source you are curious about. The "Expect Puzzles On" checkboxes tell Black Ink when the sources are expected to publish new puzzles.

    In the future I'd like to add the ability for Black Ink to "dig into the archives" for puzzle sources, and download previously published puzzles. I don't have any estimate about when that might happen, though. In the mean time, you can find more puzzles online through a variety of sources:

    Black Ink can open and solve any puzzle with ".puz" Across Lite puzzle format.

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