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Tumblr: Post date/time changes to now when updating a post

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit

I noticed that when I make an edit to a post, for example to add an "Update:" at the end of the article with new information, the post date on Tumblr is updated and it jumps to the top of my blog. This is never what I want to happen and I end up having to go to Tumblr to update the post date directly.

Is this a limitation of Tumblr's 3rd-party API, or a setting I couldn't find in MarsEdit?



  • Hi Will - it's unfortunately something that Tumblr does even though MarsEdit isn't updating the date. For most blog systems, the system itself is smart enough to know that updating a post doesn't mean the date should be updated.

    I'm currently considering whether MarsEdit should make an exception for Tumblr and always set back the date on edits to avoid this behavior. Sorry in the mean time for the inconvenience.

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