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Editing with Espresso

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit
When editing with Espresso, the post I am working on does not update after saving the file and closing the window. Text Mate and Test Wrangler work just fine, but I prefer Espresso.

Anybody else had this problem?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi there - it's a point I should make clearer in MarsEdit, that ONLY apps that support a specific "external editor" protocol called ODBEditor will work well with MarsEdit's "Edit With" feature. I am guessing that Espresso doesn't support this ODBEditor feature, so it doesn't work well with MarsEdit.

    It would be nice to support whatever app regardless, but the system and other apps are not predictable enough in their behavior to make this possible without a clear protocol for communication like ODBEdtior provides.
  • Thank you, Daniel. I contacted MacRabbit, the writer of Espresso, requesting ODBEditor in the next version.
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