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iCloud Syncing?

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit
I just did a clean install of Mountain Lion and when I installed Coda 2 all my sites and settings were automatically there. I think this would be a great feature for Marsedit. Not only do a lot of people have multiple Macs, but we are all anxiously waiting for the iOS version.


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    Hi Justin - I agree some kind of syncing solution is long overdue. I had been looking at Dropbox, and then iCloud came along. In the end, I think I will probably need to do something that supports both iCloud and Dropbox since I can only use iCloud from App Store versions of the app.
  • edited August 2012
    Both is probably ideal. I know that developers are still struggling with iCloud and some longtime Mac users are having trouble adjusting, but I've drank the Kool-aid. It's "magical" when it works and I think Apple is committed to making it work for most people.

    In the meantime, if you transfer the Marsedit folder from "Application Support" and the plist from "Preferences" from your Lion install to your new Mountain Lion install everything works. I had to re-enter my passwords, because I did't transfer my keychain, but everything else worked fine.
  • +1 for Dropbox syncing :)
  • We already use sym links to make dropbox work at our publishing company, would love to see icloud integrated!
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