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Feature Request: Expanded Status Options

edited August 2012 in MarsEdit
I just added the 'Edit Flow' plugin, and part of what it does is add additional status options (Assigned, In Progress, etc.) - MarsEdit does not seem to see these. I am guessing that you have hard-coded Published and Draft status options. But as it stands now, if I use the Edit Flow calendar, schedule a post and assign it to a writer, MarsEdit will no longer see that post unless I leave it in the draft status.

What chance is there that you could 'pull' the status from WordPress?


  • edited August 2012
    Hi there - unfortunately these statuses are hard-coded by the WordPress API, so new statuses added by a plugin would not be accessible to remote clients like MarsEdit unless they are also settable via "custom fields" (doesn't seem likely).

    In short: there is no method for WordPress to let MarsEdit know: 'these are all the statuses I can support.'

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