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Edit publishes to WordPress 3.4.1 in html

edited August 2012 in MarsEdit
I'm brand new to this, and am currently just trying MarsEdit.
I must be doing something major wrong, because when I edit my post then Send to Blog, the post is published in html format, with no image.
I'm editing in Rich Text editing mode (set as Default in Preferences).
Am I missing something (other than a brain!)?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi - are you seeing a lot of just HTML tags with no < and > brackets?

    This kind of HTML tag corruption is the tell-tale sign of a well known but unfortunately wide-spread server configuration problem. Your server administrator needs to update the libxml and php libraries on the server:

    Once the libraries are fixed on the server the bracket stripping problem should clear right up! In the event that your server administrators are not willing to fix the problem on their servers, you may be able to work around the problem by installing a special WordPress plugin designed to help with the problem:

  • edited August 2012
    Thanks, Daniel. Yes, there are no < > brackets throughout.

    I will try sending my server the josephscott link that you sent me to see if they will fix it. Thanks again for your insight.

    Further Update: I just discovered that there was an update to PHP which I hadn't installed (because I didn't know enough about it to risk changing it). Thanks to your help, I suspected this might be the problem, so I updated the PHP from version 5.2 to 5.3 and THAT DID IT!! Thanks so much for hitting the nail on the head. Much appreciated. You just may have made a MarsEdit sale. I'm using the trial version at the moment, but it looks as though I will purchase it. Just a little more testing to do.

    Thanks again, Daniel.

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    Hi Norm - it's great to hear that did the trick! Thanks for letting us know, and enjoy the rest of your trial. Let me know if you run into anything else.

  • Thanks, Daniel. I was have the same problem, but your fix worked.

    Incidentally, for the record, I was having no problem with MacHighway, but only with FatCow.
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