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edited May 2007 in Black Ink
I was wondering if it was possible to get the puzzles into Black Ink. Thanks


  • Hi Slevin - I am not too familiar with them. Do you know if they are available as ".puz" files already? Or anywhere else on the web?

    If you have a URL I can follow, I will investigate the possibility.

  • Aha - I found this URL:,0,4692820.htmlstory

    So it doesn't look like they offer the puzzle in .puz format currently. It might help for you to contact them, as a user of their site, and request that they make the puzzles available for download and editing in this format.

    The only problem is I believe they have to pay a licensing fee to use the format, to Across Lite. In the future I'm going to work on a free format that puzzle distributors can use instead.

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