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Flickr Image

edited September 2012 in MarsEdit
This is a show-stopper for me. One of the primary reasons we are using MarsEdit is to help my wife compose blog posts. Having the ability to access Flickr and insert images was a key reason to purchase the software. Unfortunately, it works only occasionally. Here is an example from a blog post draft my wife recently composed and sent to WordPress (still in draft status).

9 out of 15 photos inserted show up as "this image or video is currently unavailable." All were inserted using the same size.

Using one picture as an example, I right-click and open the link in another tab - it takes me here:

As you can see, that photo is there. But when I go into WordPress and look at the image Source URL it is this:

As you can see, this redirects to the "photo unavailable" image.

If I go into Flickr and pick the 320x240 image (the size we originally chose) the link is here:

Why this discrepancy? What is causing this, and is there anything I can do (in either MarsEdit or Flickr) to avoid this?


  • Further note - If I go back into MarsEdit and re-insert these photos, they all work correctly using the correct URL. Why would MarsEdit see a different image URL now compared to when we first inserted the photo???
  • Hi - sorry about this malfunction. If it turns out to be a long-term, recurring issue, I would be happy to offer you a refund.

    Discrepancies like this seem to happen occasionally because of glitches in Flickr's API, where it supplies MarsEdit with incorrect URLs for images, or somehow outdates the images. This kind of thing can also happen when a Flickr "Pro" account is used to insert images, and then the pro membership lapses, but I don't think this is what happened here.

    I would say if you are able to insert photos now and they seem to be working as expected, chalk it up to a short-term glitch in Flickr's API. Typically it has been pretty reliable and this kind of thing only seems to come up rarely.
  • I am trying to replicate the errors, but it has happened on several recent posts. I'm not sure why Flickr would communicate one particular URL to MarsEdit on one day, then a completely different (and correct) URL on another. I'll let you know if I can figure out any sort of pattern here...
  • OK, error replicated. Wife uploaded a couple of photo albums to Flickr. I can go to Flickr and see the images, all sizes. I can specifically see the 320px size. So Flickr has generated all photo sizes.

    Wife goes into MarsEdit, inserts photos. Most work fine, then boom - "unavailable."

    So the photo shows up on Flickr just fine - the photo shows up in the MarsEdit Media browser window just fine (on the Flickr tab) - BUT - once inserted into the MarsEdit text editor, the image is unavailable. I may take you up on the refund offer...
  • Further info:

    I just pulled up the software on my Mac. We both have the same version. On the wife's Mac, I selected "refresh photo list" - now the photo inserts correctly. I'm still not sure why the thumbnail would show in the Media browser but not insert right. But at least this function appears to be working now.

    On a related note, even after the photo refresh, there are some pictures which, when selected, do not have the option to insert different sizes. This option is greyed out. But this is only on my wife's Mac. On mine, all the photos have the option to select a different size for insertion. I can't for the life of me figure out why that would happen... ?
  • Accepted Answer
    dixonge - in general would you say that your wife's Mac is more likely to exhibit the problem of "Unavailable"? The thumbnail is fetched for these images independently of the various URLs for other sizes. When the thumbnail has been fetched but Flickr hasn't reported any available sizes for the thumbnail, that's a scenario where the sizes would remain greyed out.

    So barring a flakiness with Flickr my next guess would be something is going on on your wife's computer to make the requests MarsEdit sends to Flickr for the list of image sizes less dependable. I'm curious to hear if you think it might be something that more or less you only observe when running on her Mac.

    Let me know at any time if you'd rather throw in the towel and get a refund.

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