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Can't refresh in Wordpress 3.4.1

edited September 2012 in MarsEdit
My blog was just upgraded to Wordpress 3.4.1 from an older 2.7 version. Now when I try to refresh posts I get this message:

Can’t get recent posts for Comics Beat because the server reported an error: unexpected response code 500.

Any idea what is causing this? I suspect it's a plugin but I have a lot to upgrade.



  • Hi - unfortunately the error code 500 does usually mean something went amiss on the server, and your instincts are right to suspect it might be a plugin. Usually in this kind of scenario a good approach would be to disable all of them to see if that fixes it, then, try to zero in on the problem by enabling half of them, then half of the remaining, etc., until you can zero in on it.
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