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New location for application scripts

edited September 2012 in FastScripts
I have been struggling with mail scripts in 10.8 and just found out that the location for application scripts has changed to ~/Library/Application Scripts. And it looks like the app names alone won't work, they have to be in the format Will Fastscripts be updated to support this change?


  • Hi - FastScripts doesn't currently have any special knowledge of ~/Library/Application Scripts, but you could either copy or make an alias to any script located in the folder, to the ~/Library/Scripts folder, to make it appear in FastScripts. I'll start considering whether it makes sense for FastScripts to try to include the scripts from ~/Library/Application Scripts by default. It probably makes sense if I can figure out with some certainty which scripts are appropriate for the active app.
  • Thanks, Daniel.

    I just found out today that things had changed, since I have a script that my mail rules use and it wasn't being found. Wish Apple had made it more well-known.
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