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Blockquote p-tag bug?

edited September 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi Red Sweater,

Been trying out MarsEdit and so far it's pretty awesome - I'm very impressed. However, I'm having one small but nagging problem and that is that when I apply blockquote to a single paragraph of text, either in Rich Text of HTML text, it removes that single paragraph's p tags and I have to go back in and re-add them. However if you select more than paragraph of text and then apply blockquote, it keeps the p tags just fine.

Now when I build a macro that opens with blockquote p and closes with /p blockquote, that encodes a single blockquoted paragraph perfectly. But if I use that macro on multiple paragraphs, then it adds extra p tags and then I have to go in and remove them...

Obviously I'd love to just have command for blockquote that behaves the same for any number of paragraphs, I'm a blogger and we blockquote like crazy.

Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?




  • Hi Chas - it sounds like a bug in Rich Text mode. In HTML text mode however it should be behaving correctly, unless you're actually selecting the surrounding

    tags before doing the Blockquote command. Keep in mind that in HTML text mode the macros are all EXTREMELY literal. They just replace whatever you have selected without regard for what its meaning is.

    I'll take a look at the issue with blockquotes stripping the surrounding p tags in Rich Text mode. It would make sense to preserve the P as high level block and put the blockquote inside.

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