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Coupla more feature requests?

edited May 2007 in Black Ink
Hi Daniel,

Thanks again for being so responsive here!

I'm just thinking of a couple more things after doing a bunch of puzzles recently. Sorry upfront if these things seem nitpicky!

First, under preferences - startup, could you add one more radio-button for "do nothing"? That, or have the app recognize that it's been opened (or brought forward) by me double-clicking on a puzzle file? It's a little odd that it still shows the Open dialog, even if I've just clicked on a .puz file in the Finder to launch it.

Then, under the category of resizing options, is it possible to have it remember a preference to have the puzzle always open at the size the last one was opened to? I know that might be a problem for puzzles that are very different in size, but I have a nice big 20" monitor, and the puzzles are always opening fairly small. I know I can just click the green button or select zoom from the window menu, but it would be excellent if it could somehow remember the preferred size, possibly based on grid size?

Anyway, thanks again for your great work; keep it up!



  • Hi John - yeah the fact that the "web puzzle" window opens when you've double clicked a puzzle - I consider a bug. I'm hoping to fix this soon. I think that will be a better solution than cluttering the preferences with a "do nothing" option.

    As to your second request, I've been considering an option for a "full screen" mode. It sounds like you might be satisfied by this feature, coupled with an option to open in it by default?

  • I don't know if this makes a difference, but I don't have "open web puzzle" selected in preferences, I have "show open files dialog". And I wouldn't ever want "open last puzzle", since I finish, then delete, each puzzle 99% of the time.

    Which reminds me of one more request: could you possibly add a "move puzzle to trash" option to the Edit menu? That way, I could more easily delete finished puzzles. As it is, I do it by Cmd-clicking on the title bar to go to the puzzle in the Finder, move it to the Trash, then switch back to BI and close without saving.

    And yes, a full screen option would be good, coupled with a preference to make it the default. I saw in another thread that you were considering putting in 'increase' and 'decrease' keyboard shortcuts for custom resizing, and I would think that to be a great additional feature as well.

    Thanks again,
  • Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, my thinking is that a double-clicked puzzle should cause neither the web puzzles or open files browsers to show up.

    Sounds like your particular pattern would be best served by an option preferences to "Throw Away After Solving" a puzzle. I'm sure others use this same approach, and would appreciate such an option. I'll consider this.

  • Excellent!

  • "Throw Away After Solving" -- Double-plus good idea!
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