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Can't Get Into Text Block

edited September 2012 in MarsEdit
My cursor will no longer move to the text entry block. Can't move it there for edit either. Working fine until yesterday. Help, please.


  • Hi Amy - I got your email as well. Please feel free to respond either there or here with the same responses to that reply:

    Can you think of anything that may have changed over the past few days? Did you update your system software or install any new software that could be interacting with MarsEdit?

    Can you please tell me which version of the app you are using and which version of Mac OS X you are running?
  • This was resolved in email. For other folks who are curious, it sounds like Amy was running an older version of MarsEdit, 3.1.5. Updating to the latest release, 3.5.5 addressed the issue.
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