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ME3 won't download any pages and a number of posts.

edited September 2012 in MarsEdit
Just trying out the newest MarsEdit. I'm new to MarsEdit as well.

I got it fired up and syncing with the blog. But only posts that belong to my frontpage category show in ME. So for me that amounts to 5 posts. This is a small site so there isn't a lot of posts just yet. As soon as I remove it from the frontpage category and sync that post will disappear from ME3.

Also, none of my pages show in ME3. I can create new ones in ME3 but in two syncs it disappears from ME3. In the Web UI it is there but its missing from ME3?

What am I missing? Is it a plugin conflict or something?

I'm running:
WordPress 3.4.2
MarsEdit 3.5.6
Mountain Lion 10.8.2


  • Hi - thanks for giving MarsEdit a look. Indeed, the first thing to try in a situation like this is probably to disable plugins temporarily, and see if that helps.

    I wonder if this blog has more than one user account? Is it possible that the posts you're submitting are getting converted somehow to another account as author?
  • There are multiple accounts. I'll look at it. But mosy pages are authored by the admin account so it doesn't answer that one.
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