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Single spacing?

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I know it is probably basic, but I'm new enough (back) in maclandia and marsedit that other than trying to edit in html I'm not sure how to get single spacing. I can work from either pages or word, but still end up with double spacing or 1.5. I guess it is the paste and match? What could I try?
Thanks for the help!


  • Hi - usually I don't recommend copying and pasting from Pages or Word if you can avoid it. Typically there is a lot of generated HTML that has to be done to make the transition and things can easily go awry.

    If you enjoy working in Pages or Word I would recommend copying and pasting into MarsEdit using the Edit -> Paste and Match Style option to get the content while leaving most of the style that Pages or Word had added out. Does this make a difference in your workflow and get you a single-spacing appearance in MarsEdit?
  • Thanks for the response. It actually doesn't. This is only a problem when I put in poetry really (I'm in a poetry challenge right now) and I need the lines to be closer together.
    I guess I could try and write in Mars edit then paste back in pages/word. You can see my problem here:

    Those lines should be closer together.

    I do often use paste and match but that isn't helping here. It looks right in word but doesn't in marsedit. But if I just paste weird things happen (black background, pastes as a jpg it looks like).
  • edited October 2012
    I see what you mean. I can confirm that in this case the core of the issue is that each line is becoming a paragraph. Generally this makes some sense because usually a newline (return) in MarsEdit means to start a new paragraph. But I can see it being exactly what you don't want in this case.

    I don't have a great solution for the rich editor, but if you switch to HTML mode you could paste all the lines into a <pre> block. Something like:

    1. Post -> Edit HTML Text
    2. Write:


    3. Paste all the lines of poetry.
    4. Write:


    5. Post -> Edit Rich Text.

    I think that should end you up with a single paragraph of preformatted text that contains all your multi-line poetry verbatim.

    I'm sorry the app is not better suited to handling this situation.
  • Well that and removing all paragraph formatting and then adding in line breaks helps.
    I do wish there was an easier way to do this, but I appreciate the help very much. Thank you for taking the time.
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