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M.E. changes formatting when switching from html to wysiwyg views

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I almost always write in html mode, but occasionally switch to wysiwyg to figure out a problem. I've noticed that when I do that and then switch back to html view, that M.E. has mangled the formatting of my html. It's all still correct, but I try to code html in a readable format, but the switch turns it into one long text stream that's a royal pain to read and edit. I suspect that means that it's converted to a more efficient form for submission to the blog, but could it be left alone in the html edit window? (If M.E. had auto formatting for editing html, that would be different, but it doesn't.)


  • Hi Rod - unfortunately when you switch between rich and HTML modes you are almost certain to see the code change dramatically. Preserving the formatting of HTML code during the transition between modes is something I'd like to support at some point in the future, but it's pretty challenging to do it well. In the current versions of MarsEdit I've decided to focus on making the rich and HTML modes as good as I can on their own rather than spending a lot of time trying to smooth the transition between them. This explains the warning that MarsEdit displays by default when you switch between modes.
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