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Page not showing the whole html code, although not stripping it

edited October 2012 in General Discussion
I'm using Joomla 2.5. I made a map defining the areas for 78 different counties in an article. Below in the same page I have a list of drugstores ordered by municipio and each municipio has an anchor defined. So the html code is about 400,000 characters and about 6,700 lines long . The editor is not stripping anything, but the page only shows the map and partially the list of drugstores. I mean it works fine, but is not showing everything. Is there a limit in the number of characters or lines a page can deal with? Thanks.


  • Hi there - there is no hard limit to anything about the content that MarsEdit will allow you to send to your blog. It sounds like something that is probably a result of how the server is handling the content after MarsEdit sends it. You can confirm that MarsEdit is sending all the content by examining the Window -> Network Log window.

    Unfortunately I don't know much about Joomla so debugging the behavior of the server-side is probably not something I can give good advice about.
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