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Changing blog icons in Mars Edit?

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I know this sounds like I've got nothing else to worry about than trifles, but I do find it helpful to navigate lists when the icons are well-organized (and indulge my inner sphincter). My question is: how can I change the icons which Mars Edit creates when I create a new blog entry?

Here's what I've got:, where Mars Edit found icons on different Wordpress and blogger themes where I want to change a couple of them. On my Mac I can change icons by opening a folder's the information box and dragging an icon from Candy Bar onto the existing icon. Can I do something like that with MarsEdit?


Bruce Spear


  • Hi Bruce - unfortunately MarsEdit uses the "Favicon" from the site home page and will even aggressively try to update this, so there's no way to customize this at the moment short of getting in to your blog server and changing the way it presents the favicon for your site (the little icon in the browser address bar).
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